Bamboo products are the best environmentally friendly choice for the right sustainable  construction projects

 Bamboo is the only marvelously environmentally sustainable material.

It is a grass that grows at an incredible speed, which is nevertheless stronger than most tree species. It is therefore well suited as a durable and environmentally friendly building material, which is precisely why Bamboo Eco-Products chose to distribute bamboo flooring to the Danish market from the Dutch manufacturer 

Bamboo is, in principle, an inexhaustible resource as it grows very fast (up to 1 meter per day) and as only the older stems are harvested, the younger bamboo has more room for growth, giving a higher yield. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It only takes four years for a new bamboo to grow so large that it can be forested from the same stem. Therefore, bamboo is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than wood.

Bamboo is also durable with a surface that surpasses the vast majority of woods used for floors when it comes to hardness and durability. For example, bamboo is harder and more durable than both beech, oak and ash. This durability ensures a durable floor with a long life. The unique growth rate, together with efficient production, means that bamboo actually absorbs more CO 2 than it releases during production and transport to the customer. This is just one of the many reasons why Bamboo Eco Products has chosen to sell bamboo products from the Dutch manufacturer, which specializes in producing high quality C02 neutral bamboo products and building materials.

The abrasion resistance also contributes to the fact that a bamboo floor is particularly suitable for both private homes and businesses. At the same time, bamboo is also a good building material, especially because it is very stable to form and is less affected by changes in humidity.

Bamboo eco-friendly products are the solution of the era of eternal sustainability !


Bamboo is an ‘infinite’ resource that grows faster than any other plant as bamboo trees grow up about 1 meter a day – and are CO2 neutral throughout their life cycle .

As a manufacturer and supplier of bamboo products in Europe the company Bamboo Import Europe has chosen us Bamboo Eco-Products as their sole distributor for the sale of your bamboo products in Denmark in collaboration with the most trusted bamboo importer in Europe!

More and more consumers are consciously choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials as a company, you have probably already received such inquiries. Bamboo has become an important alternative to many traditional timbers in recent years, and demand will only increase in the future. After all, bamboo grows much faster than ordinary trees and is extraordinarily strong, making it an ideal material for countless decorative and structural uses.

Bamboo Import Europe has quickly become one of the largest bamboo importers in Europe. Because they manage their own bamboo production without using intermediaries, we can guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices.

✓ More than 40 years of combined international bamboo expertise and experience within our company.
✓ 3,000 m2 of bamboo warehouse stored in our warehouse in the Netherlands.
✓ We can deliver small and large orders throughout Europe.
✓ Direct import and export is possible from our manufacturing facilities in Asia and South America.
✓ Professional advice and support for special bamboo projects.
✓ Quality assurance and the most competitive prices on the market.
✓ Ability to produce and deliver exclusive or custom designs.

In other words, we Bamboo Eco-Products are your real partner if you are looking for a reliable source to help achieve your bamboo ambitions. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to give you the best advice and support you and / or your business.