Shipping Payment for Order

How is transportation cost paid for your order?

Well, first you will get, at your email address, the cost of shipping costs for delivery of your ordered goods to your delivery address then you will need to enter below your information, your order number and the shipping amount which was stated for the transport cost of your order and lastly press the Pay button.

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Payment: We receive payment with PayPay,Visa Electron, Mastercard and others cards.

It is also possible to pay with Netbank. If you would like to contact us, please contact us to inform our bank account. The amount  for transport cost must be transferred before we receive your delivery.

Shipping costs cover delivery of your ordered goods to your stated delivery address. The price of transport varies by countries zip code and ordered goods quantity and dimensions.

Shipping / Transportation: Please note that your order may be delivered by several shipping companies, depending on the goods you have ordered.

Delivery: We deliver throughout Europe, except in Cyprus and Malta.

We will ship your order within 1-2 business days to private customers when we first receive your payment for shipping costs.

Your ordered items will be shipped via GLS / UPS / DHL or other shipping company directly to the parcel shop or your home address.

You will receive an email when your order is shipped from our warehouse with shipping confirmation.

Note: If you don,t want your order to be delivered to your address, you will have to come by yourself and pick up your ordered goods with us in our warehouse.