BYG-ECOHOME LLP is relatively a newly created company, but on the other hand we have personal 30 years long business experience where we have had global activities with everything related to trade and therefore we guarantee really good trading experiences, professional high quality  service and order processing for all customers.

Company BYG-ECOHOME LLP is the official dealer in EU-countries for the sale of their bamboo products in EU countries. Our main partners, is the leading manufacturer of organic and sustainable bamboo products and building materials, is a solid and reliable company with many years of global production experience and local sales base.

We are thus your supplier of organic, environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo building materiel and other bamboo products, and we offer a large selection of premium bamboo products for online purchase. Competences, experience and knowledge in bamboo products are our core tasks. It is with the prerequisites that we offer our customers optimal ecologically friendly solutions for their private and commercial construction projects.

We only work with companies that share our values ​​in terms of sustainability and product quality, thus ensuring our progress in the market and taking responsibility – both towards our customers, our employees, the environment and the cultural heritage.

In doing so, we are a company that works for a society that can carry far into the future and thus we meet the demands of modern societies for the sustainability of their suppliers both for private and business use.

That’s because we only sell 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and durable bamboo flooring and other environmentally-friendly bamboo building materials for use in industrial and private construction.

Our webshop bamboo-ecohome-products.eu was recently established and has from the beginning focused on publishing and selling organic and sustainable bamboo and a large selection of bamboo products.

Bamboo Products is an online sales platform  for bamboo products that is two-fold and delivers bamboo products for both businesses and private consumers.

That’s why we offer a wide selection of eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo products including bamboo plank flooring, parquet and patio boards as well as bamboo panels, boards and accessories.

Only a small selection of bamboo products, from our manufacturer’s large range, is available in the net store. Therefore, please contact us if you need a floor or other bamboo material to renovate the house otherwise for your other construction projects that you cannot find in the web shop.

All bamboo products are top quality and perfectly match the European climate, and are competitively priced in comparison to similar products from other manufacturers.

We have no inventory and no physical business, so we do not have the same high prices as the physical bamboo and construction markets. All bamboo products are shipped directly from our supplier’s warehouse. They have years of experience in the manufacture, sale and care of bamboo products which is also your guarantee of a proper product.

We have decided to open a showroom soon. If you want to get your fingers in your new floor as soon as you want to see all our bambus products assortments in our showroom. As soon as our showroom is ready to open, you are always welcome to visit our great showroom and feel the good quality.

In connection with projects etc. we can also offer you the other products that we do not offer in the web shop, but which our manufacturer provides, there is a large selection of bamboo products; panels, panels and accessories etc. Soon you can find here on the site our showroom address and opening hours.

Our Manufacturer / Suppliers

Our manufacturer and suppliers of bamboo products manufactures its own bamboo products as well as cooperation with the most trusted bamboo importer worldwide around.
More and more consumers are deliberately opting for sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials as a consumer, you have probably already received such inquiries. Bamboo has become an important alternative to many traditional timbers in recent years, and demand will only increase in the future. After all, bamboo grows much faster than ordinary trees and is extraordinarily strong, making it an ideal material for countless decorative and structural uses.

Our supplier of bamboo products is become one of the largest bamboo importers all over the world. Because they manage their own bamboo production without using intermediaries, they can guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices.

✓ More than 40 years of combined international bamboo expertise and experience within our company.
✓ 300.000 m2 of bamboo warehouse stored in our warehouse.
✓ We can deliver small and large orders throughout Europe.
✓ Direct import and export is possible from our manufacturing facilities in Asia and South America.
✓ Professional advice and support for special bamboo projects.
✓ Quality assurance and the most competitive prices on the market.
✓ Ability to produce and deliver exclusive or custom designs.

In other words, we are the right partner if you get good quality bamboo products from a reliable source to help achieve your bamboo ambitions. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to give you the best advice and support for you or your business.

Visit our online store to get a really good look at all the bamboo products and other our sustainable bamboo building materials that we offer in our large selection of 100% ecologically friendly and sustainable  bamboo products.

Bamboo-ecohome-products.eu is always helpful with advice and guidance.