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   Please read  more about all our  terms and conditions  below:

General info:

When you have completed the purchase (have placed an order), you will receive a receipt for your purchase / order at your provided e-mail address, which is valid as a voucher / order confirmation.
Check your spam filter / folder if you do not receive it.
By purchasing (ordering) items on our online store, you accept that ordered item / s are prepaid, and upon delivery, your order (order) is considered redeemed / completed.
If the product according to the right of return must be returned to us (the supplier) after receipt, you must pay for the return shipping yourself. The original freight you have paid for delivery to you will be refunded upon cancellation (read below here the section right of withdrawal).

All items displayed on our website are usually in our warehouse in Esbjerg or in our supplier / manufacturer’s warehouse in the Netherlands, and sold out items are therefore not displayed. We reserve the right to make counting errors. If the item is not in stock, will contact the customer in question about the further course. If in doubt, send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.


We sell to private, business and public institutions and use various forms of payments including credit card payments. The right to advance payment is reserved, especially for ordered goods. We accept payment via our online payment provider Stripe and / or GooglePay which accepts payments via / with VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and other common international cards.
All amounts displayed in the online store are in euro (EUR) and are incl. VAT.

Stripe and / or GooglePay provide good security for electronic payment. If you do not receive the item, you are always entitled to your money through the bank. After this, the bank’s task is to go after the company that has deducted the amount from the customer’s card. Stripe and / or GooglePay, like your bank, provide this security.
Hereby you are via double protected against abuse and cheating. We via Stripe and / or GooglePay use an approved payment server that encrypts all your card information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your information cannot be read.

If you use a payment card for order amounts, then your order transaction will be completed for transferring your entire order amount to our online payment provider (Stripe and / or GooglePay), and you will not be able to dispose of the order amount during of the delivery period of your ordered goods.

By completing your order on our online store, you accept these terms and conditions and your card will be charged with your order amount for completing your order transaction.

If you are not able to pay on Stripe and / or GooglePay by credit card, you, as a private or business customer, have the option to pay by bank transfer after receiving our invoice for your order.
Remember to enter your order number at the bank transfer or your email address you used when creating your order.

Delivery condition and times

DELIVERY TIME: We deliver goods at any time in EU-countries fixed bridges on average twice a month, 15-16 and 29-30 days after you receive our confirmation for your order.

NOTE: We only offer free delivery for orders with a minimum value of 200 EUR. On all bamboo build material from the category OUTDOORS DECKING and SOLID BAMBUS BUILDING MATERIALS: solid panels, beams, veneers, pallets, etc. Free delivery only for orders with value of at least EUR 2000.

Delivery in general is carried out by our manufacturer’s company in the Asian countries as most of the goods are shipped directly from our manufacturer’s warehouse as we have only a few items in our own warehouse in Germany. All items that are displayed on bamboo products are usually in the manufacturer’s warehouse, and sold items are therefore not displayed. We make reservations that counting errors may occur. If the item is not in stock, will contact the customer concerned about the further process. If you have any doubts, send an email to and we will respond as soon as we can.

Shipping Rates.

For all orders under 200 EUR is calculated individually shipping cost at customer delivery address. Orders under this 200 EUR value, shipped with advance customer payment for shipping cost. After received shipping costs shipments will be sent as soon as possible. No goods are sent on Constitution Day, New Year’s Eve and holidays.


We reserve the right to change and update the terms and conditions of this website. It is therefore important that you keep up to date with changes.
We take the protection of your personal information very seriously. All personal identification information that you submit to us remains private and secure, and is shared with a third party only if required by law. is not liable for direct or indirect loss as a result of the goods ordered arriving late to the buyer or the ordered goods suffering from defects when the delay or defects are due to the buyer action or omission or circumstances outside bamboo’s control.

Order agreement for ordered goods

A binding agreement for ordered goods between the buyer and our company is only entered into when we, upon an order confirmation, accept the order placed by the buyer for ordered goods.

Cancellation of order

We trade in some goods that we do not have the right to send back to our supplier when the goods have already been prepaid to our supplier and shipped to the customer.

Therefore, ordering could not be canceled when the item is already on its way to the customer. Of course, there are no problems with returning goods with complaints to these supplier, but goods that have already been prepaid to our supplier and supplier have ordered the transport for delivery the goods to the customer can not be canceled by the customer.

You have no right of return or cancellation when it comes to B2B  business trading  You may have made a deal around it, but as a starting point there is no return policy. You can only cancel the transaction if there is a significant delay.

Product information

On the website / net store the essential characteristics of the product are stated, for further information or questions regarding existing information, an email can be sent to us via
We have made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites / websites through links. These websites are beyond the control of our company. We are therefore in no way responsible for the content of these pages.

If goods are damaged. 

Important:  Damage or loss can occur during handling, transport or unloading of goods.

For example, a truck is involved in an accident resulting in a total loss of product or the item was damaged during transport or unloading of goods.

Therefore, when goods are delivered to you you must first thoroughly check all packages and do not sign the Delivery Certificate (CMR invoice) that you get from the driver.

If you receive a package containing a part / pieces of damaged goods, the seller’s supplier is responsible for replacing them and will cover shipping costs for return or exchange / replacement of goods.

Then the customer must fill out a Delivery Note signed by the driver confirming the damaged (s) and requesting damaged goods to be replaced.

This letter (Delivery Note), so-called POD (proof of delivery) must thoroughly describe the delivered goods and the damages that occurred during handling, transport or unloading of goods, signed by the driver and then sent to us.

Please remember to include in the letter (Delivery Note) the delivery time, the driver and his carrier information, your address and order number, take pictures with the damaged goods etc. and send to us because if you could not send us the completed letter (with pictures) as is signed by the driver and you (customer) confirming the damaged (s) so your request / complaint about damaged goods must be replaced will not be accepted and thus you will be refused to replace the damaged goods.

To find / view a sample / template of the letter (Delivery note) please click here: 1-Delivery Note 

Upon receipt of goods please check if quantity and product match the ordered and check if goods have received transport damage, if applicable, immediately inform the driver. If you see that the shipment has been materially damaged when it is delivered to you, you must refuse the receipt and return the truck driver to the shipment.

Warranty and warranty

Our manufacturer have provided a guarantee for most bamboo products. Ie that bamboo products do not give out independently for the ordered goods, and the buyer obtains only the guarantees issued by the manufacturer to the buyer.
A 2-year warranty is granted under the Purchase Act. Our right of complaint applies to defects in material and / or fabrication.
The complaint does not apply to errors or damage caused by incorrect operation of the product / service.
However, material errors can be returned to our manufacturer.
Once we have approved your return shipment for your complaint, your receivable will by default be returned to the debit card or customer’s bank account used in connection with. the purchase.
You will also receive an email from us so you know that we have received and processed your complaint and return shipping.
With the acceptance of complaints will cover return costs to a reasonable extent.


14 days full return policy is given for goods purchased in our web shop.
The period is counted from the day you receive the order. You must bear the return costs yourself.
The returned item must not be scraped, damaged or used in such a way that it is evident that its use significantly diminishes the sales value of the item. If this is the case, an assessment will be made of the new sales value of the product and this will be disclosed to the customer. It is then up to the customer whether this new price is accepted or not.
If the customer refuses the assessment, we can return the item to the customer. In this connection, our company reserves the right to charge a fee, to cover the costs in connection with. return.

New requirements for Danish webshops from 15 February 

From 15 February, a new European consumer complaint platform called ODR will be launched. ODR stands for Online Dispute Resolution and addresses European companies as well as consumers. ODR aims to make it easier for businesses and consumers to handle cross-border complaints.

Applies only to the purchase of goods and services within the EU.

For consumers, this means that each consumer can complain directly to the European company.

For the European company, this means that the company must have a contact email and a mandatory link to the consumer complaint system ODR on their website / webshop which is the stated link to the online dispute resolution platform here:

If the conditions are not met, the European consumer authorities can avail themselves of various penalties for each website / webshop.

Read more details from the article at Computerworld here at

Source:  Computerworld