Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses For Men Women

Handmade Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses For Men And Women

Bamboo Glasses, Bamboo Sunglasses
S  Specification:  Item No .: EB-61309 Size: 140mm * 45mm

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Minimum order quantity:  500 pcs
Features  1. 100% eco-friendly bamboo must be allergic, sustainable, have a smooth surface without cracks, to be soft and comfortable. 2. High-quality anti-rust flexible stainless steel spring hinge / hinge, and will not deteriorate when exposed to water for long periods. 3. Glasses with professional waterproof methods, not prone to water damage; to be suitable for use in water sports such as surfing, swimming, etc. 4. Multi-color lenses are available for bulk production. The dimension can be adjusted if you need it. Bamboo is a remarkable natural resource for several reasons  

1). Hardwood takes 30-50 years to mature, while bamboo reaches maturity of 3-5 years.
2). The same square footage of bamboo produces more oxygen than many tree variants.
3). Bamboo grows at a fast rate without fertilizer, it can grow up to 2-3 meters in a day until it reaches almost 100 feet.
4). Due to the durability of bamboo plants, no pesticides or chemicals are needed to promote the ripening process and they require much less water than trees.
5). Bamboo products break down into a completely reusable and nutritious compost soil.

Are you going to wholesale men’s and women’s handmade bamboo sunglasses? Xiamen Ebei must be your best choice, which is known as one of the leading manufacturers in China. It is persistent, incredibly durable, relatively inexpensive and fairly lightweight, and it also rejects water. We also offer customized service to make customers happy.

If we have not ordered goods in our warehouse for quick delivery to customers, then this case we deliver goods anywhere in EU-countries fixed bridge areas on average twice a month on the 15-16 and the 29-30 dates after you receive our confirmation for your order.