Degradable Bamboo Fiber Serving Dinner Set Set

Degradable Bamboo Fiber Serving Dinner Set Set

What are bamboo fiber sheets?

It is made from natural bamboo powder through high temperature trusion formation. The products do not contain plastic and metal ingredients, will make your daily diet safer and healthier. And these products can be 100% degraded in soil, will not cause pollution in the environment, it is a true green and environmentally friendly product.

Degradable bamboo fiber serving dinner set

1. Save environmentally friendly natural wheat straw, starch and food-safe PP material. BPA FREE, completely non-toxic, safe and healthy for your family. Perfect dishes for snack, salad, noodles, pasta

2.Designed with space-saving style and smooth sugar edges, easy to hold and safe to use; robust and durable, cutting resistant construction, no worries that it can break when dropped

3. Microwave and dishwasher. Not too hot when you take out the microwave.

material bamboo fiber
Model NO: EB-H69028
OEM welcome
origin China
MOQ 500set
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