Container Set For Bamboo Fiber Kitchen

Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Storage Container Set With Bamboo Lid

Model No: EB-76530

The base of the container set is made of bamboo fiber, so it is unique, environmentally friendly, durable and durable material. The lid has an easily removable lid and food-safe silicone sealant for washing and keeping your items fresh. This airtight design is perfect for storing coffee, tea, salt, sugar, spices, pasta, nuts and more. Three sizes from the bamboo container are convenient for you to choose to store different items according to your needs.

Made from plantation grown bamboo wood, one of the most popular materials anywhere due to its versatility, function, beauty and sustainability.

Origins from one of the largest bamboo plantations in Asia.

Bamboo is the most sustainable wood furniture in wood with an average of 5 years or less to maturity against at least 20 years for most other trees.

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